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    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Virgil Ave Clean Up Wrap Up

    A great contingent of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Clean Up Project came out for last week's Virgil Ave clean up on the edge of Silver Lake and East Hollywood. We cleaned up a few blocks in a neighborhood that could definitely use it, and, most of all got to spend time with some of our great members. Below are some pictures of the clean up and we hope you join us at the next one!

    Some of our clean up team returns, check out those awesome t-shirts!

    The celebration ensues....good cast of characters!

    Take two, John looks less prepared for this picture...

    Ahhh, people enjoy our events so much, see the smiles?

    The remnants of our clean up supplies...they look lonely...

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Effectiveness of Catch Basin Screen Covers

    An interesting conversation is taking place over at the LAist regarding the utility of catch basin screen covers. If you are not familiar with the catch basin screen covers, they are essentially screens placed over storm drains intended to allow water, but not the accompanying trash runoff, to flow down the storm drains. Although these are certainly an improvement, our observation has been that the trash tends to accumulate around the screens and is rarely swept up properly by the street sweepers.

    The city of Los Angeles has installed a number of these screen covers, focusing particularly on the neighborhoods of Silver Lake, East Hollywood, Echo Park and other high-trash areas.

    Has anybody come across any places where these screens are particularly effective? Is there anyway that we could improve upon the screens or make them more effective?

    LA County Beaches, Still a Bummer

    Heal the Bay released their annual California Beach Report Card earlier today. No surprise, but LA county beaches dominated the list of Top 10 "Beach Bummers" with the worst water quality in the state.

    One of our organization's primary goals is to help prevent the runoff of the interior parts of the cities from reaching our city's beaches. The release of Heal the Bay's study demonstrates why it is essential to take care of our cities and beaches. If there is a silver lining to the study, it is the following statement in Heal the Bay's press release:

    "One of the reasons that Los Angeles County lags in water quality is the fact that its monitoring agencies collect samples directly in front of flowing stormdrains and creeks. Monitoring at these 'point zero' locations, where polluted runoff often pools, is the best way to ensure that health risks to swimmers are captured in water quality data."

    The LAist points out that some of the beaches listed below, however, are "nowhere near storm drains," such as Avalon Beach on Catalina Island.

    Top 10 Beach Bummers

    1. Avalon Harbor Beach on Catalina Island (Los Angeles County)
    2. Cabrillo Beach harborside (Los Angeles County)
    3. Pismo Beach Pier (San Luis Obispo County)
    4. Colorado Lagoon (Los Angeles County)
    5. Santa Monica Municipal Pier (Los Angeles County)
    6. City of Long Beach at LA River outlet (Los Angeles County)
    7. Poche Beach (Orange County)
    8. Surfrider Beach at Malibu Creek (Los Angeles County)
    9. Campbell Cove State Park Beach (Sonoma County)
    10. Doheny Beach at San Juan Creek (Orange County)

    Heal the Bay's full report card available here.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Virgil Ave Clean Up Sunday May 17

    Please join us this Sunday, May 17th to clean up the area where the LA Neighborhood Clean Up Project first got its start (for some LANCUP history, click here)-- Virgil and Melrose! We will meet at 10 a.m. at the corner of Melrose and Virgil (Map).

    Look out for us, we will be in the green t-shirts. We will bring the supplies and Tang's donuts, we just need you! Friends, families, pets, and kids of all ages welcome.

    We also hear that there is a new record store/barbeque spot at Bellevue and Hoover, right around the corner, which may be work checking out after.