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    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Summer Heat Hiatus

    Some people have asked what happened to us over the last month. Rest assured, we are still here to fight the good fight against litter in our fine city! Our last clean up, however, was plagued by scorching heat on the streets and required a lot of water to keep our volunteers hydrated. Therefore, we decided to take a brief break during the sweltering lat August months.

    Our next clean up will be on the weekend of September 12-13. Hopefully it will have cooled down a little bit by that time. If anybody has any suggestions for locations, please feel free to post here or to e-mail us at

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Vermont/Beverly Clean Up Pictures

    Sorry for the long delay in posting pictures of our clean up, but I wanted to make sure to thank everybody who came out for our Vermont/Beverly clean up!

    Pictures of the event below:

    Our morning clean up team at the Vermont/Beverly subway stop. It was an especially hot day, but we managed to do a good amount of cleaning!

    At this point, I think people just wanted to get out of the sun....thanks to everybody who came out!
    Some of the trash bags that we filled up around the intersection!