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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Saturday Silver Lake Clean Up!

    Team LANCUP has cleaned again!!! Working on Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake, Team LANCUP cleaned up portions of the street and also gathered signatures for a petition to increase the number of trash cans in the area.

    See the pictures below!

    Two of our volunteers:

    Before picture of a Silver Lake gutter:

    After picture of same Silver Lake gutter:

    Outside the Circus of Books:

    After outside the Circus of Books:

    Andrea with the petition signatures, she gathered 46 in one morning!:


    1. You guys are doing great work in the neighborhood, keep it up!

    2. How do we know that you didn't take a photo of a clean gutter, and then just dump a bunch of garbage in it to get the image of a dirty gutter? huh? We need time stamps...

      J/K... great work...

    3. ha, fair point, i guess you have to trust us on this one!