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    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Graffiti Cleanup!

    One of the other functions of our group (apart from the street cleaning aspect) is taking casual walks around neighborhoods to report graffiti on city property. Reporting graffiti is easy enough, simply call the city's information line at 311 and report the location...the city will then have somebody come and clean off the graffiti within 3-4 days. On our graffiti cleanup days we get a few people to go around and mark down areas with graffiti and later report it to the city. For graffiti on private buildings, we leave a flier with the business or building owner in both english and spanish telling owners how they can get the graffiti cleaned up. Below are some pictures from our clean up on Sunday.

    Graffiti on a Hoover street sign:

    The person who covers the neighborhood in graffiti, "BUDS"?

    "BUDS" again

    Writing down the location of graffiti to report:

    Graffiti on the Micheltorena stairs:

    The back of our nifty t-shirts:


    1. Hello, nice blog, I like clean too. Lets clean our earth!

    2. Oh man, Buds hit Micheltorena again. He not only hit our apartment building, but also our neighbors fence, car, and some other street things. So annoying.