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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    They Like Us, They Really Really Like Us!!!

    Ummm, or they don't. Some people do not care too much for people who want to make the city a better place, nor do they care about following the rules of grammar....anyway, thought we would share a recent sign up we received for one of our events. Taking it in a light-hearted manner, it is rather funny! Below we will try to answer this person's concerns.

    You're [sic] "shiny happy people" approach to "cleaning up
    the neighborhood" is a f***ng joke like all of you
    little hitler youth in the making. What is your
    affiliation with Are you aware of
    Obamas [sic] little non profit youth brigades? hitler juge

    To answer the inquiries
    (1) Our affiliation with USAservice is that it provides a convenient forum for people to sign up to events and receive information. That's about it.
    (2) Are we aware of Obama's little non profit youth brigades? No, we cannot say we are. But are those people volunteers? We could always use more of those...

    Thanks for the posting though, we know that we are not making a difference until people start caring, whether in productive or unproductive ways, so at least this lets us know we are on the right track. Plus, it required you to sign up, so now it looks like we have one more person coming to our clean up event! Thanks!

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