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    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    January 11th Clean Up in Silver Lake

    Today the LANCUP team helped to clean up the area around Sunset and Santa Monica where we discovered some pretty atrocious trash disposed of on the side of the streets...for instance, three dead chickens...and got a celebrity photo (to follow in next post!) below...

    Here are two dead chickens thrown on the side of the street, do you think it's time to do something about the trash problem in parts of Silver Lake? (there were actually three or four along the sidewalk, but we have pictures of these two)

    A few of our volunteers cleaning up along Santa Monica near Sunset...I think our next t-shirts are going to read "No, we are not convicts":

    With no trash cans, this is where trash ends up, before:

    After we helped to clean it up:

    After a successful clean up!

    We even got free drinks from Intelligensia for our efforts!


    1. "No we aren't convicts" Tees are a good idea...

      Thanks you guys!

    2. Ha, I second the comment above!